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For as long as I can remember I have been interested in type. As a kid, when I wasn’t dribbling a basketball, I was either attempting to faithfully recreate with pencil the photos I would see in Time Magazine or National Geographic, or I was drawing letters. Mostly just writing friends’ names in class on scrap notebook paper in an overlapping block style or fat all-caps bubble letters. This was long before I knew what Graphic Design was, let alone that it was something I could do for a living. But I always had a keen awareness of how the character of letters could evoke a particular feeling or communicate an idea. Like the elegance of a beautifully crafted script, or the gritty type on a graffiti mural that was barely legible but undeniably cool. Or the energy of a masterfully hand lettered advertising headline. I found it efficient. Utilitarian. It wasn't just art, It was design. Once I took my first college design class I was hooked. 

As time went on, type only became more integral to my design process to the point where I decided that just using fonts in my work was no longer sufficient. I wanted to learn to create my own letters. Enter hand lettering, and the discipline I have dedicated countless hours to for the past 8 years. As a hobby as well as a companion to my design career it has been indispensable. It has also opened doors to a worldwide community of like-minded artists cross-pollinating and learning from each other. 

Currently I live in Brooklyn with my wife Cristina where I work remotely full time as an Art Director for Farmhouse Branding, a small but mighty award winning branding studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jason Prater Brand Developer / Creative Director
Design + Lettering + illustration
Farmhouse Branding




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