Gary Stevens (TT)

I'm Gary Stevens the man behind Type T-Shirts.

Lettering has been my passion since Art College back in the 80's. The influence came when Tony Forster 'the lettering legend' came to teach letter forms and typography. So inspiring were his classes I was hooked! Tony (Fozzy) was also an amazing person, I will forever be indebted to him for helping me get my first real job at the type foundry Quick Brown Fox in Altrincham. This is where I learned the basics and complexity of type, creating headlines and bespoke pieces of lettering for the big Ad agencies in the UK. 

Later in my career lettering became a smaller part of my life, getting married, having children and running my own businesses all impacted on my lettering creativeness, work was more a necessity than a creative outlet. My children have all grown up and I can concentrate more on what I actually enjoy lettering and type, so watch out for pieces of lettering with TT in the title.


Setting up Type T-shirts was just an idea to showcase great lettering and the artists who create it. I hope you like the catalogue and decide to purchase some products.