Alejandro Olarte

My name is Alejandro Olarte and I'm from Bogotá, Colombia.
I'm an Architect by trade but since I was at university I remembered drawing letters for my bands friends. Then I didn't know what I was doing but later, in 2012 when Instagram appeared, I just started to be amazed by just how many artists were drawing and writing letters. Then I knew I had to do that too. I'm self taught but I have a lot of books and references and I can truly say they opened my eyes to the techniques and the concepts, just D.I.Y.
For me, lettering and calligraphy are ways to say everything I want and show to people about how I'm feeling and the things I love and hate.
Punk, beer and food are my inspiration and I can tell that everyone that follows my work is aware of that.
This is my way of life, I really love that letters crossed my path and I hope I never stop creating.


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